1 Check your skin. Do you have normal skin, sensetive skin or oil skin. Always remove old make up before sleep.

A good cleansing cream or lotion. Wash after with water and finalize with a good toner. To choose the correct skin care products is very important. The most high end brand are also the ones who invest in science. These brands improve them self from year to year and have a complete history of invention and innovations. This include the cosmeceutical brands also. The past couple of years a lot of new brands popping up a part of them have no sciencebehind them. Organic and natural skin care products need to be in glass bottle and jar. If not they arenot totally natural. Natural organic ingredient will be harsh in plastic bottle.With Jensen you go safe.

2 Ones a week use a good facial mask. Scrub mask remove old skin and dirt. Clay mask deep clean the pores, Moisturizing mask give your skin an increased water bath which improve the skin. What ever skin type you have a moisturizing mask is needed.

3 Eye cream and eye mask is important because the skin under our eyes is really thin.

4 Never use soap in your face if you have a normal to dry skin. Soap dry out the skin.

5 When you cleanse your skin you should avoid all kind of hard treatment. Just harder you treat yourskin just more the skin will start to defend it self. The glow will only come because the skin is irritated...


A good foundation can be expensive, consider the outlay as an investment.

To buy a cheap foundation is often a false economic, you will get more for your money if you stick

to a top end product such as the Jensen foundation.

Most of the modern foundation are multi products there supplying turbo-boost , sun protection,

moisturize and are anti ageing.

To find the right foundation colour , there match your skin tone , you need to see the colour

in daylight. Avoid too dark foundation even as they can look like sun tan.

Choose a colour there match your skin tone.

Test the colour on your skin in few minutes before purchasing the products.

Sheer foundation: Gives a natural skin look .

Serum foundation : Powder and foundation in one easy to use and gives a natural look.


Cover all kind of blemish, spots, dark circles under eyes, dark skin spots. Jensen concealer can

be used to cover all kind of skin mistakes.

Snow Pearls

Jensen snow pearls are a great blush light products and they comes in many colours

and mixed colours. Snow Pearls is easy to use. To do a succesfull application its vital to follow

the upper part of your checks structure. Invest in a Jensen Blush brush. Add the required amount

of colour to your checks. For a absolute great finish add a stroke of Jensen Illuminator under your

checks. It define the colours on the checks. Obvious line of blush Toss out the dinky brush that came in the compact.




There are many types of eyeshadows on the market but in Jensen we stick to two versions.

Eyeshadows can create the picture of you, in the way you want others to see you.

For intense party look add a bit of vaseline over your eyeshadows, it will give a dramatic

party look.


Powder Eyeshadows

Jensen favorite. Excellent to evening and party make up. They are brilliant to play with colours,

make some experiment and if you add them in wet edition they will be dramatic intense.

Just remember light colours under the brow and in the inner eyelid , dark colours on

lower lids and out.



Define your eyes. Eyeliner is a product you can use for both daytime look and evening look.

Dramatic or soft its all about your mood. Eyeliner drawn way past the outer corner of the top

eyelid The “cat-eye” (or Cleopatra) effect is sultry, but not if you go overboard.

Draw a line along the root of the lashes from the inner to outer corner.

At the outer edge, subtly slant the line upward.

Extend the line no farther than a quarter-inch past your eye

(or just a bit farther for a more dramatic look).




Lips are the most sexy area of our face and Jensen have some amazing lip product.

Intense Lipstick

Creamy lipsticks in intense colours.

Daytime make up use light pearl lipsticks or coloured lip gloss.

Evening and Party make up use Intense darker coloured lipsticks.

A really good trick use 2 colours of lipstick. Add a lighter lipstick in the centre of your upper

and lower lips and a darker lipstick up against your lip lines.

Four a pout look add a clear lipgloss or vaseline on your lips as finish.

Your lips will look bigger and more sexy.

Lip gloss

Lip gloss can be used as daytime lip make up, it protect the lips against the weather and its

damaged to the lip skin on the same time it give you some beautiful lips.

Lip Pout

Jensen Lip Pout is a mix between a lipstick and a lip gloss. Very brilliant as evening wear.



Just like clothing is rarely one-size-fits all, neither is nail polish. Its a great starting point is to determine

which of the major skin complexion categories you fall into: fair, medium, olive, or dark,People with the

same skin color do not always have the same under tone. How do you figure out your undertone?

Jensen recommends a simple fabric test to identify the right hue for you. If you look better in white and

black, you are the cool-toned, if you look better in brown and off-white, you the warm-toned.

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