Every of Jensen Steel Ware`s beauty tools tells a story.

Jensen Steel Ware` creative designs of beauty tools boasting a wealth of stylish forms, which reflect the modern lifestyle of today.

With their contrasting design, material mixes and couture details the new beauty tools from Jensen Steel Ware is a must have.

Capturing the mood of the moment they employ the materials used by Jensen Steel Ware in their latest collection.Here, priority is given to the experience,and to the unique of each design.

The term danish design is often used to describe a style of functionalistic design and architecture, that was developed in the early 20 th century, and it is this simplicity and funtionalism that is so heralded and can be seen in Jensen Steel Ware`beauty tools design- but with a twist of elegance.

Jensen Steel Ware aim to be the first choice for those who want great designs to enrich their daily living, with timeless functional beauty tools, manufactured in high quality Japanese stainless steel and other top materials. Quality have always been the core of Jensen Steel Ware associated with iconic modern design and a distinctive beauty tone of voice though its visual imagery and language.

Stylish and Fresh Jensen Steel Ware s beauty tools pairs perfectly with your daily beauty treatment.





1996 The Crystal Nail file and Crystal manicure sticks. A big revolution in manicure tools.One of the most sold nail files in the world.


1999 The Ceramic mix board nail file. Flat design.


2003 The Heart Tweezer. A revolution in brow trimming implement. The first tweezer with strong finger hold, which give a better control and better user experience.


2004 The New Romantics Brow Scissor. Funny curved handle for better function and control.


2005 Bisquite Porcelaine Nail File. The very first eco friendly Nail file which can be sterilized.


2005 Jensen Collection of special designed barber scissors. Totally unique design and creations.


2006 The Pure Manicure line. A big revolution with build in non slip glide handle comfort.


2007 Tintura Bare Brush. A make up brush with unique non latex tip for all kind of gloss, liner, foundation.


2008 Juvel Heart Tweezer a master piece of a tweezer.


2009 Lash Grabber The lash applicator tool special designed for both single designed false lashes and complete lash bond.


2009 Miss Jensen Lash Curler and Injection Curler. Invention in lash curlers with handy finger hold.


2010 Spa Tweezer. A revolution in professional tweezers for beauticans and make up artist.


2010 The moon and Rain drop tweezers. Cute mini tweezers with big performance.


2012 Snake tweezers collection. A simple simple tweezer in new ergonomic design.


2014 The originals slip easy tweezers for men.


2014 Mini Brow Scissor, A small revolution in brow scissors.


2015 Our cosmetics






Known for her speciality of creating ergonomic designed top quality beauty tools in fine upscale designs Anne Jensen is a world-renowned designer and creator of Jensen Steel Ware and Jensen Cosmetics. A personal inventor of the glass nail file shape c and the glass cuticle sticks which today are used by millions of people all over the worlds.



Born and raised in Denmark Anne began her training as a hairdresser and make up stylist at the age of 16 years. After gratuating Anne run her own hair dresser and make up import company which also educated hair dressers in organic hair colour tecnics for 10 years.



In 1996 Anne found a sandblasted glass pieces for a table and found that it could be used as a nail file. Anne decided to shift talent from hair design to beauty tools design. A final nail file was presented in end 1996 and in 1998 the nail file took the world by storm. Ann became private label manufacture for sevel well known companies and brands like Nailoid Results, Boots Ruby & Millie cosmetics, Debenhams cosmetics brand Mea. Marks & Spencer nail care, short after in 2000 the Nailfile entered into France, Italy, Scandinavia and in 2000 Anne became private label manufacture for La Cross Sally Hansen and many more in the states.



Working with make up artists and nail tecnicans Anne found a lack of news,and invention in the beauty and personal care category. Anne created her first tweezer collection in 2004 which included the cute heart tweezer. Today Jensen hold over 80 designes of highend ergonomic top quality tweezers and other tools.



In 2014 Anne decide to go a bit back to her roots and Created Jensen Cosmetics. A make up line based on natural ingredient , new textures, new blending designs, which improve the skin to look fresh and healty, a new colour texture and colour collection which both match the light sensetive scandinavian skin colour and darker skin types. A new world of light reflection make up in top quality.

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