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Founded with a commitment to reinventing luxury and top quality beauty tools, Anne Jensen Beauty has carved a niche for it self as a innovative beauty with top quality and invention.


Anne Jensen Beauty excist at the revolutionary of invention, beauty and luxury.


The brand and its designs is acclaimed for it breakthrough ergonomic design,

quality, technological innovation and commitment to reinvention.


The beauty tools are made with the most groundbreaking design, finest steel quality, avaiable to create the finest tools in the world. A state of art beauty tools kreation.


Anne Jensen Beauty cosmetic line is made with unique created textures, modern colors and match every needs for beautiful look.

The designer and founder Anne Jensen became private label manufacture for several well known companies and brands like


Nailoid Results, Boots Ruby & Millie cosmetics, Debenhams cosmetics brand Mea. Marks & Spencer nail care, short after in 2000 the


Nailfile entered into France, Italy, Scandinavia under the brand Jensen and in 2000 Anne became private label manufacture for La Cross Sally Hansen and many more in the states.


The glass nail file got the british beauty award 2000 and the Pure award.


Anne Jensen Beauty brand was created in 2010 and the founder is every year invited to If Design award, Sparks award, Red Dot. Universal award.


Anne Jensen Beauty is for sale in Usa, Scandinavia, Uk, France, Japan, Hong Kong by spa and salons.

1996 The Crystal Nail file and Crystal manicure sticks. A big revolution in manicure tools.One of the most sold nail files in the world.


1999 The Ceramic mix board nail file. Flat design.


2003 The Heart Tweezer. A revolution in brow trimming implement. The first tweezer with strong finger hold, which give a better control and better user experience.


2004 The New Romantics Brow Scissor. Funny curved handle for better function and control.


2005 Bisquite Porcelaine Nail File. The very first eco friendly Nail file which can be sterilized.


2005 Jensen Collection of special designed barber scissors. Totally unique design and creations


2006 The Pure Manicure line. A big revolution with build in non slip glide handle comfort.


2007 Tintura Bare Brush. A make up brush with unique non latex tip for all kind of gloss, liner, foundation


2008 Juvel Heart Tweezer a master piece of a tweezer.


2009 Lash Grabber The lash applicator tool special designed for both single designed false lashes and complete lash bond.


2009 Miss Jensen Lash Curler and Injection Curler. Invention in lash curlers with handy finger hold.


2010 Spa Tweezer. A revolution in professional tweezers for beauticans and make up artist.


2010 The moon and Rain drop tweezers. Cute mini tweezers with big performance.


2012 Snake tweezers collection. A simple simple tweezer in new ergonomic design.


2014 The originals slip easy tweezers for men.


2014 Mini Brow Scissor, A small revolution in brow scissors.




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Chrisphalt Drive Bath, PA 18014 . Pennsylvania USA


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